We only hand harvest here at our farm ...no machines, no chemicals. We even milk all of our goats..by hand..ensuring only the freshest, milk..honey..beeswax..herbs..and eggs and fiber.. possible!. 

Our Products:


Allot of our products are seasonal....

We wanted you to all know about the products we have on hand for you this season. With so much hustle and bustle it might be hard to find out what’s really fresh and natural. We , dry our seasonal herbs and seal them to preserve their precious oils, when there growing season is done. We rotate our available stock to flow with the availability and growing season of the various things that we harvest on our farm, to give you the best possible products (soaps, balms, scrubs). .


  • Soaps
  • Balms
  • Scrubs
  • Eggs and chickens
  • Beekeeper
  • Community Pride
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Just like our handmade soaps, we pride ourselves in with our balms.  All of our balms are made from  scratch..using our own beeswax. 

We pride ourselves in our soap making. We formulate all of them from scratch..no kit, no melt and pour. Just good old fashioned soap..probably the way grandma used to make!




All of our scrubs are made from scratch, using our own recipes with no chemical preservatives . We take a very hands-on approach to all of our products.

From Our Chickens to Your Plate

It’s important to know what you’re eating. And it’s even more important to know what you aren’t eating. We want you to know that our chickens are raised naturally..fed fresh and dried herbs, and kept as happy as we can make them!. We strive to make sure that you and your family can sleep easier knowing that our eggs (and our soaps, balms an scrubs) are natural, and fresh .

TheLandofMilk andHoney Soap